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"Readers who appreciate deep complicated relationships will enjoy the Return to Sullivans Island." —

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Return to Sullivans Island

My husband, Peter and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary earlier this year which is quite the milestone in anyone's life. Through all sorts of twists and turns, I came to the writing table, penned nine novels and found a new career that probably saved my sanity and that of my family.

This article, which appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES on September 26, 2008, tells the bones of that journey but there are a few details that never made it to print. One, no one was more surprised and delighted at my success than my husband and children. Two, it is my husband's family that occupies those front porch rocking chairs, at least five to one over my family! Let's face it, everyone who goes to Sullivans Island loves it! And last, Peter and I tease each other all the time. All those rhubarbs in the article are very tongue in cheek.

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